Why Readme?

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Here is a sweet README.md template file I created for a bootcamp I work with.

This is a great starting point to your README. Readme’s are important because people don’t always have time to open and test your projects. This is a quick insight into what you can do and how it looks. It can be used to make a quick strong impression.

When I interviewed at my current company they were really impressed with my project and they knew about it because I had a link to the project on my resume and my github repo had a good Readme file.

Here is the full repo if you wanna see how it looks. It’s not overly special, but it made a difference when I was interviewing!

https://github.com/IzzleNizzle/ReadoutAssistant (opens in a new tab)

# Project Title

## Overview

The purpose of this application is to ...

### Gallery

![Image title](./relativeLinkToImage.png "Image title")

Sign In:
![Home Page View](./relativeLinkToImage.png "Home Page View")

Super Cool Page:
![Home Page View](./relativeLinkToImage.png "Home Page View")

### Problem

Currently ...

### Solution

My solution will ...

## Tech and Features Used

* Bootstrap
* Javascript
* Library API

## How to use

Instrunctions on how to use if needed.

## Technical Overview

1. The main component (PullMultiple) contains an array of the user ID's from the users input.
2. That component has a generator function that iterates over the array and adds the ID #'s one by one to an array to be processed.
3. For every ID # in the array to be processed, a "DataGatherer" component is created.
4. This DataGatherer component fires off all of the api calls and renders the progress to the screen.
5. These API calls are called in an asynchronous fashion in order to reduce strain on the server handling the queries.
6. As the API calls are being made, links to the finished .csv files are being saved to state.
7. The download button downloads several links at once from the saved links in state.
8. When all API calls have finished for an ID, the next iterator of the generator function is fired and the next ID goes through it's gathering phase.
9. The reset button cancels all API calls and bring highest component back to empty.
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