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I’m on my iPad!

July 26, 2022

So a few days ago, my wife purchased a new iPad mini as a celebration of her new job and also as her birthday is coming up soon. She has an iPad previously that she used for school, and of course that meant that i inherited the old iPad. I’ve never had an iPad, I’ve wanted one but never spent the price tag for one, so inheriting a second hand one is just perfect. 

So one thing i realized shortly was studying was much more interesting on an iPad than before. Something about just reading documentation while pulling up notes, email and calendar basically on the same viewport just made it a nice experience.

My new studying workflow

Most likely it’s just exiting doing something a little different for the first time, and that’s what makes it more enjoyable. But there certainly is a lot to be said about some of these nice features of the iPad

i don’t have to try too hard to point out what it can’t do, it’s not a full pc and we all know that. But just sitting here on the couch after work, it’s an easy option to open up and write away.

i find it interesting that there is a feature with the pencil how you can write handwriting and it’ll pick up what your writing and transfer it to text. But when i just want to quickly jot down my thoughts, i find the detracted keyboard and swipe to text with the Apple Pencil is really quite efficient!

So, my initial thoughts are that I’ll start doing my research on a new subject first on the iPad, read some articles or documents, write down a few quick notes, and when i feel ready i can move to a full pc and really jump in.

i think the form factor, and nice software features are what makes this a smooth experience. Smooth enough to inspire me to write about it!

Do i want an attached keyboard and full desktop functionality? i don’t think so. i like my devices as simple as possible, no cases, no accessories other than the Apple pen. That’s how i like it .

i did pull up a GitHub codespace pretty early on, that’s an online ide running code on GitHub, but the pencil support was not there. i also realized that it’s perfectly ok that this device is just used for different things. Maybe i don’t want to be able to code on every device with a CPU.

i can travel with this device, use it for reading and writing, and that’s it. There’s something nice about that. Now that i code as a profession, it’s nice to have tech devices that still provide distance from my daily work.

well there’s my initial rant about the iPad. i am impressed. i am glad i waited to inherit an iPad from another, as i think i would have been less impressed has i paid full price for it. It’s not a main machine, and i have a hard time forming out serious cash for what seems like s toy. But I’ve decided the way i want to use it is as a tool not a toy, and it’s not a tool for work, it’s a different type of tool, it’s like carrying around your favorite book and notepad both at once. That’s something i really appreciate.

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