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July 11, 2019

So yeah, I’ve still been at my usual shenanigans, hitting up servers like you wouldn’t believe! haha, I had this little project going that had me stressing last night because of the rate that I’d be hitting an API for information.

I have a react project where I pull all the assignments and grades for a particular class. It’s around 30 api calls in a matter of a few seconds and the information coming back is pretty massive. It’s just kind of crazy for me to think about it, because to me it seems like I’m hitting up there servers really bad, but then after talking to a few other people in the industry they just say “Don’t worry about it, just hit it up. Don’t hit it up in a for loop” kind of talk.

Mind you I still take proper precautions to ensure that I’m just calling what I need and I was using cached data when I was first building it so as to avoid calling the servers a billion times when I was first building it.

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