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July 11, 2019

Yeah today I’m feeling some reassurance that I’m in the right place at the right time.

So when I started the new job there came a few times when I wasn’t as stoked about things as I thought I’d be. Yeah I was stoked that I was working with the web and tech and stuff, but I guess I just was a bit disappointed that I started so low on the totem pole I guess. Or at least that’s the story that I was telling myself.

As time goes by I’m starting to realize more and more that where I’m at currently is actually super sweet and is a perfect place for me to start. First off the pay is better than where I was and it’s nothing to be upset about, actually it’s good pay! Second of all the people that I work with are really good at what they do and they do know a thing or two about different thing, to say nothing about the people on the team next to mine, the data scientists.

So I’ve kinda been on this up and down emotional roller coaster where I go from being upset about where I am to then later realizing how dumb I’m being and how I should be much more grateful about where I stand.

That’s my thought today. I had a few opportunities to realize that the people around me are actually super cool. I like the people around me, I think they have good priorities, similar backgrounds, good outlooks on life, and we make a pretty good team. 🙂

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