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March 28, 2019

I made a pretty large landmark today.

Recently I’ve been working on a project at work and a project for my brother who is an entrepreneur. I’ve been thinking recently about how much I can reasonably handle at one time, and I bit off a lot more than I could handle at a ceratin point.

To combat this I decided to put a lot of things on pause and just focus on these coding projects. Launch them, even if that means not being able to do everything that I wanted.

Well I was able to do that. I’ve been working on this for about a week and half and today I can say that I got to a good launch point for both projects.

For the project at work I was working on integrating a feature that incorporates Github’s api for downloading some files from a private repo. However when I first started I was trying to do a Github oAuth application rather than a Github app… so turns out that the permissions of the github Oauth is not as flexible as the Github App and I don’t want to require full access to a users github account just ot use my app.

So that means I’ll need ot incorporate a Github App instead of a Github oAuth thing. Well it’s not that important for me so I’m just going to drop it right now. The app works fine, you just have to upload the files yourself, no problem.

For my scraper project for my brother. I was able to pull together all of the data pulls, clean the data, and authorize the app to write to Google sheets. I got that going and I have it running on a Cron job, so it runs automatically every day and grabs data. I have done sufficient testing and I know that it works. That’s exciting 🙂

It was interesting I ran into some sort of a bug but it was after it had downloaded data from 3 cities so it was quite late in teh running, so debugging would be quite impossible. So i just imported a try catch around the function that failed and when it failed i logged the city name to a local file so i could test it again at a later time. i thought that was a pretty nice fix because if it fails somewhere in the process of pulling all of this data, it will still keep running but I can refer to the logs later and find out what is happening and possibly fix it in the future.

So, an awesome day! I’m having mixed feelings about whether I should go straight into a job search full time or just focus on getting some open source commits first. I believe open source would help with my resume building but I don’t want to waste time either. Well, tomorrow I’ll do a bit of looking around and see what I can find. 🙂


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