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March 22, 2019

So I think I talked about how I was going to change my direction a bit, go back and finish an old project far too long delayed, and hten go on to work on open source projects before my next job search.

Yes, here I am. I’m picking up a project that I haven’t touched in like 6 months. What happened was is that I bit off more than I could chew and got burned out with the project.

I came back and just wanted to start with a small front end project and just dish that up and see if that would provide any value. Well after being back into it i realized that I really need a few things to make this valuable, while the front end only page wouldn’t really do the trick, i suppose it would, but i need to use a server anyways so i might as well just do a server set up and have set up timeframes for it.

Well so here I am, getting back on an old project that i ditched awhile ago. It’s quite an interesting feeling, but I need to finish what I started and see what value I can produce.

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