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Change of Focus

March 17, 2019

I may have wrote about this earlier, but I’ll write it again for context.

I came across the realization that I have too many priorities goign on and I’m not able to give any of them appropriate time or attention to do a good job on them. I though to myself “How many priorities can I really manage at one time?”. I saught out to get some objective information on this but that’s harder than I first imagined so I just am taking a stab at it.

Lately though I have found that I’m trying to do to much within my week. For exmaple I work 2 jobs at about 60 hours per week. My weekly priorities are a mixture of Learning from a full size book, trying to conduct a healthy job search, and working on personal coding projects and finding open source projects to contribute too. I also have a wife and I try to go to the gym…

So no doubt I found that my limit had been reached and this was not attainable.

My time is out so I’ll just finish with this for now, I’m going to just focus on building right now. I want to finish my projects and start working on Open Source. This will be my focus for a month. Next month I’ll work on a healthy job serach only. I’m putting away the book for now. 🙁




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