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Second wind

February 14, 2019

OK honestly the months since my graduation have flown past and my efforts in finding a job have been sub optimal. The grind has been wearing me down and the results have been less that encouraging.

This all comes down to how I’ve been thinking. What is happening in my head. So it’s time to rethink my scenario and see things in a new light.

I was starting to develop a victim story in my mind and started thinking real negative thoughts while searching around.

“Oh I’ll never meet their standards”, or “everyone just wants seniors nowadays”. These types of thoughts would be in my mind as I search around, not very hope inspiring.

Well I’ve caught a gust of good fortune and it’s time to leverage this and catapult myself out of this plateue. (I’m still learning every day but it feels like a plateue).

I have a Lotta good things going for me actually. I got a good accountability buddy keeping me in track week by week. I have had a few react projects at work that have been keeping me busy and entertained at work. And most recently picking up a job as a teachers assistant has been a great push forward for me.

Being stuck in those negative thoughts I had a hard time seeing this and recognizing it for what it was. But taking a step back and slowing down for a second I’ve been able to see it for what it is and recognize its benefit for me.

I decided to take all of these good things and put them together and catapult myself forward. I revamped my LinkedIn profile taking pride in who I am and being confident about who I claim to be.

I decided to fully believe that I am a software engineer and to be confident and to advertise myself as one and to seek for what I really want.

So I started to really think about my personal online listing if you will, I took a good look at my LinkedIn profile and updated the best I could. I looked at other developers in my same path and look for things I liked and put something together for me.

This has been really good because now that I’ve taken the time to make a serious profile for myself it’s a good starting point and it helps me feel more official about my approach.

Well I still have feelings about maybe over estimating myself, I know that I will continue to strive to become what I say that I am.I know that I can develop and I know that I can learn, I know that jumping into a professional environment and the team will be difficult at first to learn everything, but I know I can do it.

Couple of my weaknesses in searching for a job have been on my mind and they’re about to come to an end.

My projects from school were good, they were pretty good showing off my skills, but I wasn’t quite pleased with how they looked and how they performed.

Problem was is because I had a freelance project and I was coding at work, I never had energy or time to sufficiently revamp them. I had to prioritize my time and my freelance project and my project at work came first.

Well it’s been several months that I’ve been working on these things and I’ve been making progress believe it or not. They’re almost done and I’ll be able to pick some for my portfolio and be able to show some of the more technical skills that I’ve been practicing daily.

This will really help because for example today I found a really cool job posting through Slack and I reached out to the person who posted it and I sent them my resume and told them to pass it on to HR. The problem is is that I’m not super confident in my resume or my portfolio. They’re good but they just aren’t up to the standard that I’m coding now I believe.

So I’m glad that I have this job teaching because it keeps me engaged in learning and it helps me to be patient while I continue to build up my portfolio again.

I’ve been able to be more patient and be able to gain that energy for another second wind and I believe this will be enough to take my portfolio and job search to a whole Nother level.

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Written by IzzleNizzle who can be found playing around in the mountains of Utah. ⛰️ You should follow Iz on Twitter

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